Odd Entertainment For Strange Tastes 

Nick Knave
Wolfie T. Wolfe
"Isabel's Zombie Holocaust"
PuppetLand Confidential Photo Shoot

For over a decade Nick Knave has been delighting crowds of children and adults alike with eyebrow raising, cleverly written, puppetry pieces.   

Whether on the street, in a Burlesque house, a library, or behind the scenes at the San Francisco Ballet - he creates engaging and original characters.  


 From fully interactive, all ages,  street performances; to late night, adults only Puppetsploitation; to collaborating with the top names in alternative theater and puppetry, Nick Knave provides odd entertainment  for strange tastes.

© 2015 Nick Knave

PuppetLand Confidential Photo Shoot

Behind the scenes shot of Wolfie on the set (and in the puppet box) of an upcoming PuppetLand trailer.