Nick Knave 

Puppeteer, Writer, Lumpenprole

San Francisco, CA


Tel: 415.595.3494

Nick Knave's Mug.  Drink it in.
The Nutshell

I am a puppeteer who specializes in outré entertainment for families, teens and adults.  


I am heavily inspired by the grindhouse legacy of the 1940s - 1980s.  


I also drink a LOT of coffee.


Wolfie’s Puppet Party

Reefer Madness

GingerBread Man

PuppetLand: Confidential

Isabel’s Zombie Holocaust


Puppeteer/Writer Puppeteer Puppeteer/Writer

Puppeteer Puppeteer/Writer

NKP San Francisco 2008 - Present NKP Oakland 2018
NKP San Francisco 2018

NKP San Francisco 2014 -16

NKP San Francisco 2014

Nick Knave 415.595.3494

Puppeteer, Voice Actor, Writer (Tenor, Counter-Tenor, Lead)

Height: 5’10” - Weight: 167 - Hair: Brown - Eyes: Brown

Productions (As Nick Knave Puppetry):


Puppeteer/Writer (John Waters Tribute) Puppeteer/Writer

Secret Garden Teatro SEA

Ivy Room HallowBaloo

City of SF
Thrillpeddlers San Francisco 2014

Exploratorium San Francisco 2014 SF Ballet San Francisco 2013

ZEUM San Francisco 1999

Intl. Puppetry Fringe Festival

San Francisco 2018 New York 2018

Oakland 2017 Honolulu 2016

Trashy Xmas


National Mayoral Conference


Exploratorium Spring Gala


Symphonie Fantastique


Puppeteer Puppeteer/Writer

Puppeteer Puppeteer/Design


San Francisco 2015

Other Shows:


Three Billy Goats Gruff The Little Mermaid Jabberwocky

Bio/Website Demo/Website


PuppetLand: Confidential - Adult Puppetry Salon

Mojo Theatre;  2015; San Francisco

PuppetLand: Confidential - Adult Puppetry Salon

Hypnodrome Theatre;  2013; San Francisco


Notable Contracted Design and Build

Cinderella - Production Design/Puppet Choreography

SF Ballet;  2012 - 13; San Francisco; Christoper Wheeldon, Director

Production Design/Shadow Puppet

Teen Theater Workshop;  2014; San Francisco; SF Park and Rec


Production Design/Prop Builder

Faux Queen Pageant;  2014; San Francisco; Roxanne Redmeat, Competitor

Shocktoberfest 2013 - Design/Prop and Scenic Build

Hypnodrome Theatre;  2013; San Francisco


Juanita More's Halloween Event - Design/Prop Build

Private Hotel;  2012; San Francisco

Guest Engagements

Guest Lecturer - Puppetry

Stanford University Puppetry Arts;  2014 - Present


Guest Lecturer - History of Horror

Creepshow Camp; 2013; San Francisco

Teacher - Puppetry

Creepshow Camp; 2013; San Francisco

2010 - present

2010 - present

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