© 2015 Nick Knave

 Nick Knave 

Puppeteer, Writer, Lumpenprole

San Francisco, CA

E-mail: nick@nickknave.com

Tel: 415.595.3494

The Nutshell

I am a puppeteer who specializes in outré entertainment for families, teens and adults.  


I use primarily ephemeral materials to build and am heavily inspired by the grindhouse legacy of the 1940s - 1980s.  


I also drink a LOT of coffee.


Conference of Mayors - Production Design/Lead Puppeteer

City Hall;  2015; San Francisco; Basil Twist, Master Puppeteer


Penis Addiction - Design/Builder/Puppeteer

Variety Shows/Puppet Salons; 2014 - Present; San Francisco


Exploratorium Gala  - Puppeteer/Tech Design

Exploratorium;  2014; San Francisco; Basil Twist, Master Puppeteer


Scare Grove  - Puppeteer (Walkaround)

Stern Grove;  2014; San Francisco; SF Park and Rec


Private Event for Bill Fisher - Builder/ Lead Puppeteer

Fisher Ranch;  2013;  Basil Twist, Director

Cannibal Lovin' - Design/Builder/Puppeteer

Variety Shows/Puppet Salons; 2012 - Present; San Francisco

Giant Ants From Space - Design/Builder/Puppeteer

Variety Shows/Puppet Salons; 2010 - Present; San Francisco


Dunderbeck - Writer (Adapted)/Builder/Puppeteer/Narrator

Variety Shows/Puppet Salons; 2009 - Present; SF/Bay Area


The Rocky Horror Puppet Show -

Writer (Adapted)/Builder/Puppeteer/Voices

Mason Street Public House;  2009; San Francisco


Wolfie's Puppet Party - Writer/Builder/Puppeteer/Voices

Busking/Fairs/Public Events;  2008 - Present; SF/Bay Area


Suicidal Toaster - Co-Writer/Builder/Puppeteer/Voices

Busking/Private Events;  2006 - 7; Santa Cruz

Symphonie Fantastique - Puppeteer

ZEUM;  1999 - 2000; San Francisco; Basil Twist, Director



PuppetLand: Confidential - Adult Puppetry Salon

Mojo Theatre;  2015; San Francisco

PuppetLand: Confidential - Adult Puppetry Salon

Hypnodrome Theatre;  2013; San Francisco


Notable Contracted Design and Build

Cinderella - Production Design/Puppet Choreography

SF Ballet;  2012 - 13; San Francisco; Christoper Wheeldon, Director

Production Design/Shadow Puppet

Teen Theater Workshop;  2014; San Francisco; SF Park and Rec


Production Design/Prop Builder

Faux Queen Pageant;  2014; San Francisco; Roxanne Redmeat, Competitor

Shocktoberfest 2013 - Design/Prop and Scenic Build

Hypnodrome Theatre;  2013; San Francisco


Juanita More's Halloween Event - Design/Prop Build

Private Hotel;  2012; San Francisco

Guest Engagements

Guest Lecturer - Puppetry

Stanford University Puppetry Arts;  2014 - Present


Guest Lecturer - History of Horror

Creepshow Camp; 2013; San Francisco

Teacher - Puppetry

Creepshow Camp; 2013; San Francisco

2010 - present

2010 - present